Fun With ABC Bath Toys!- A Foam Alphabet

October 11, 2007 by  
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My daughter loves to take baths. There are times when she is so crabby it seems nothing will make her happy, but when I put her in the tub she is singing like a lark in no time. Perhaps this is because she loves her bath toys so much. One of her favorite bath toys is something I created in an afternoon – a foam alphabet.

Foam ABC’s

To make this project I used several different colored sheets of foam (shown below) that can be purchased from or your local craft store, a scissors, a pencil and some stencils. Not everyone will need the stencils – I used them because my handwriting is terrible. My daughter loves to get the foam wet and stick it on the tub walls. She has even used her foam letters to make “alphabet soup”. I love this toy because it gives her a great learning opportunity.

Foam Sheets

I plan to make more foam toys for the tub such as foam numbers, shapes, animals and maybe even some “paper” dolls. Let your imagination decide what kind of bath toys you want to make!


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