The Milk Jug is the Ghost!

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Light the way for trick-or-treaters this Halloween with spooky ghost lanterns! I love to create crafts, especially ones I can work on with my daughter. Thankfully, I have a subscription to Family Fun magazine that is loaded with creative and inexpensive ideas. This idea came from the October 2007 edition. I started preparing to make this project a couple weeks in advance as it calls for several plastic gallon milk jugs. After we finished drinking the milk I thorougly rinsed the jugs so we wouldn’t greet our trick-or-treaters with a sour milk smell. Once I had collected several jugs we took a black marker and drew ghost faces onto the jugs. We had a blast trying to make each face unique! *Remember to wear art clothes just in case you get some marker on yourself.

Making Ghost

Next we plugged in a string of holiday lights and dropped a bulb down each jug. (In Family Fun, they recommend cutting a half-dollar size hole in the back of each jug so you don’t see the string.)


Not only are these ghosts fun to make, but they are also inexpensive. Furthermore, I think they will help trick-or-treaters stay safe as they will be walking on a well-lit path. Plus it helps put everyone in the holiday spirit!


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