The PVC Flag Pole Project- Part Four Get the Flag On!

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Note:  There is an updated version of this flagpole design avialable by clicking here.  The video below refers to the new version.


If you missed parts one, two or three of this project make sure to check them out.

Now that the structure of the pole is together it is time to add the flag. There are many ways to attach the flag to the flag pole. I have seen metal clips, cable ties, key rings and shower curtain rings. The method that I used on this particular flag pole was shower curtain rings. I drilled holes through the pipe that supports the flag and inserted the shower curtain ring through it. I drilled one hole 1.5 inches from the tip of the pipe and the other thirty six inches further down from the first hole. If you use this method make sure that the eyelet holes on your flag line up with the holes you drill on the pipe.



Now it’s time to stand the flag up. I used a 2 foot long piece of concrete rebar from my local home center as a stake in the ground, as shown in the picture below. Any type of metal stake at least 1/2 inch in diameter and 2 foot long should also work as a stake for the flag pole. Now the easiest part is just dropping the flag pole over the top of the stake. and watch the flag blow in the wind while the pole spins. If you notice the pole starting to dig itself into the ground you can slide a large washer over the stake, this will give the pole something to sit on top of so it does not dig into the ground.


And the flag pole is finished. As promised I hope that you found it fun, simple and inexpensive. Thanks for coming to



20 Comments on "The PVC Flag Pole Project- Part Four Get the Flag On!"

  1. » The PVC Flag Pole Project- Part Three Putting it Together on Mon, 8th Oct 2007 4:38 am 

    […] Click here to go to part four of the project.  […]

  2. Rene on Wed, 10th Oct 2007 2:55 am 

    Ooooh, I can use this at the RV parks! I’m all over that. Thanks.

  3. Frank on Fri, 23rd Oct 2009 1:19 am 

    We used this project for our cub scout group. The instructions are perfect. It’s a great product. Thanks.

  4. Paul Newburn on Sun, 20th Dec 2009 8:27 am 

    For those of you that camp at RV sites, another neat project is making a light pole for your deck. We used 3″ PVC pipe glued to a flat bottom PVC drain cap. The cap is glued into the bottom of the pipe and secured it to the deck. Then install a lantern type light to the top. Be sure to use heavy duty wire, we used a heavy outdoor extension cord and cut the end off to wire into the light. I ran the cord under the deck and have it on a timer.
    Sorry I do not have photos, if portability is what you want you can fill a five gallon bucket with cement and running the cord though before adding the cement. Pick it up and take to each site you visit.

  5. Wayne Gillespie on Mon, 28th Jun 2010 6:44 am 

    Thanks, Nothing like showing our Nations colors that will NEVER FALL
    USMC 1977

  6. Lisa Clutter on Sun, 12th Jun 2011 11:21 am 

    This is great. We’ve been looking everywhere for one for our camper. I’m getting him the supplies for Father’s Day (he likes to build stuff). It should be ready for our 4th of July camping trip. Bless you all.

  7. build07 on Mon, 20th Jun 2011 7:29 pm 

    I hope you have fun building and playing.

  8. Judy on Tue, 26th Jul 2011 5:40 am 

    Love it.
    How do you get the PVC pipe clean?
    Get the wrighting off?

  9. build07 on Tue, 26th Jul 2011 8:05 am 

    Most of the writing should wipe off using rubbing alcohol, in some cases a stronger solvent may be necessary. The pvc also paints well with the spray paints meant for plastic if you want to give your pole a unique look and change its color.

  10. Don Adams on Mon, 8th Aug 2011 1:52 am 

    Just finnished flag holder, Thanks for the great idea

  11. Bobbie Butler on Fri, 2nd Mar 2012 4:07 am 

    My friend and I have made two of these and I have one flying in my front yard and love it. Is it supposed to bob up and down on the end where the flag is? I goes around and around okay but when the wind gets fast, it seems to bounce back and forth more than it should. Just wondering if yours does this or could we have done something wrong?

  12. build07 on Tue, 6th Mar 2012 10:09 pm 

    I don’t remember mine doing that, I will look into it this summer. We currently have a foot of snow on the ground.

  13. Suzie on Tue, 20th Mar 2012 8:39 am 

    Can’t wait to build this. Saw one like this in a nearby neighborhood and came home tonight and typed in flag pole made out of pvc and there it was. Thanks so much!

  14. Bobbie Butler on Sun, 8th Apr 2012 2:20 am 

    Has your snow melted? I have made 6+ of these flag poles. Some of them work great and some don’t. I extended the 1′ sections to 2′ sections because my flag kept hitting the ground and it is a 3X5 flag. It still bobs up and down and the t-section came apart yesterday and had to go back to the drawing board. I had used PVS glue and it broke it apart. I am about ready to give up on this project as pretty as they are. I also painted the PVS pipe red, white and blue which really makes it stand out and the only thing to get that writing off is the stuff they sell that takes it off, then it makes a black mess so I painted over it.
    Wish someone could tell me what I am doing wrong with this project.

  15. commercial flag pole on Fri, 13th Jul 2012 1:18 pm 

    This is a good flagpole to display in your home. I think this is just right for my needs.

  16. monte gibbs on Tue, 17th Jul 2012 3:05 am 

    I built one of these a year ago, I didn’t glue but it still works great. I painted it my team colors and got a 8 inch hub cap from a truck stop to use as the base for it to spin on. The cap is bright chrome and looks very nice, all you have to do is drill a hole in the center to accomodate the support rod. At this point I am extending the upper 1 foot pipe so I can hang a 12 inch flag off of it too. I use small brass screw in hooks so they take up less mounting space and you can rotate slightly to hang flags to keep themtight.

  17. Don Kline on Mon, 23rd Jul 2012 3:34 am 

    I put a wooden dowel rod inside my pvc and it help stiffen it up..

  18. John on Mon, 8th Oct 2012 7:33 am 

    Outstanding instructions.. Have wanted to do this for years and it was great to find online. Thanks for your time.. I have used high dollar flag polls for the entrance to our Ranch. The Flags wrapped around all of them. We are using this PVC idea and flying the US and the Texas flag at the top of our 14 foot pole gate.

  19. Mike on Wed, 3rd Jul 2013 5:54 am 

    Acetone will remove all lettering and barcodes

  20. Susan on Sun, 25th May 2014 11:27 pm 

    I just finished this and LOVE it. It does bounce so I am going to get a dowel like Don mentioned and see if that stops it. It was easy and didn’t take a lot of time. Wish my yard was big enough for 2 so I could fly the US and Texas flags.

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