The Top 14 Projects That Didn’t Make it Onto

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We have a lot of ideas for projects here at Just Build Stuff and some of them are ideas that for some reason or another we have decided not to build and thus I present you with the top 14 projects that decided not to build.

  1. The invisible remote- You thought your remote was difficult to find before, wait until you try our invisible remote developed using Top Secret cloaking fromthe British Military. It is shown in the photo below.
  2. A TV that always turns on with the volume turned all of the way up and turned to a channel of static and fuzz.
  3. The Zune Music player- Oh sorry somebody already made this.
  4. A shoe with a preinstalled piece of pea gravel- It is psychologically easier to deal with that pebble in you shoe when you know it’s supposed to be there.
  5. The Pet Wolverine- They don’t like being called fluffy and you will never have to worry about intruders again!
  6. The gas powered toothbrush- I know you are sick of recharging those batteries and the gas powered lawnmower and chainsaw that you have out in your garage do a great job, but think of the price of gas and how much more you would have to pay just to brush your teeth. Just wait, there will be a fusion-powered toothbrush released eventually and you can get that.
  7. Rogaine Back, Chest and Underarm Formula- For those that want to look like they are wearing a shirt, eve when they are not!
  8. A phone connected directly to the Bat Cave- Just remember that Bat Man hates prank calls.
  9. Build your own language- Kind of like Klingon or how Tolkien created the Elvish language you can create your own language that only you can understand. Be prepared to get funny looks the next time you say “Fromble hicta Zababli!” and expect to get a burger and fries.
  10. Sawdust Salad- Ya, a tree is a plant and sawdust comes from trees so it is just natural that somebody sooner or later will start trying to eat sawdust salads, I hope they have lots of salad dressing
  11. The magnetic sock and metal shoe combo pack- Never have to tie or strap your shoe on again, the metal shoe sticks tightly against the magnetic sock giving you maximum shoe sock bonding.
  12. The ice cream swimming pool- Enjoy a dip into nice cool ice cream filled swimming pool on a hot day. Nothing beats that sticky dried ice cream feeling after you get out of the pool and dry off.
  13. Static Electricity Hair-Do Machine- Use the amazing power of static electricity to create the most interesting hair styles you’ve seen in a long time, static electricity adds body to your hair without the need for expensive chemicals. Plus as an added bonus you’ll get a sparking sensation whenever you touch a grounded surface!
  14. The Catapult Travel System- Tired of paying high gas prices? Why not try to strap yourself onto this high-powered catapult and lunch yourself to work, the landing might be a little tricky so there is a chance that you will only be able to try it once.


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