Just Build Stuff- It’s Fun!!!!

September 20, 2007 by  
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Think of something you want, anything and think about how you would like to obtain it. Let’s say for instance that you want a clock – you could purchase one of the countless clocks found at your local retail stores or online. The clock that you would buy would be the same one that anyone else could buy, with no unique features, colors or materials. It might look nice but you would have no personal attachment to the clock. Or, if you are a justbuildstuffer, you would decide that you know exactly what the clock is that you want and you are going to just build it yourself to make sure you get what you want and to have some fun while doing it. I of course am a justbuildstuffer and now I am inspired to build a clock…maybe a couple of them, a classic looking one and a very unique looking one. Because I am going to just build it I can do it any way that I want, I can find parts at rummage sales and make a Frankenstein clock or I can find all new materials. I can build it out of the wood I got recycling a pallet, or out a block of aluminum. I am a builder and I justbuildstuff.com.


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